A to Z of Joyous Fundraising Ideas

Here are some fab fundraising ideas about how you can support our charity partners in your Joyous Fundraising!

The money you raise will be split equally between the Macular Society and CHECT.

If you have any questions about how to pay in your money, please get in touch with Sarah sarah.jarman@macularsociety.org or Diane diane.emery@chect.org.uk


Aerobics class - Set up an online aerobics class and get friends and family to pay a donation to join.

Auction of promises - Sell of your skills to the highest bidder!

Arts & Crafts sale

Afternoon Tea Party


Birthday – Is it your birthday this month? Why not hold a virtual birthday party, get dressed up, share a drink and play some games. Ask your friends and family to donate to our charity partners instead of giving you presents or buying you a pint!

Beard growing contest


Climb to new heights…on your stairs - Get sponsored to climb the equivalent of major global landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Machu Picchu over a week using your own stairs.

Car boot sale

Cake sales - bake up a storm and sell your tasty wares to colleagues

Car wash


De-chox – During the pandemic, it’s more tempting than ever to reach for the chocolate. Put your will power to the test, give it up for a month, set up a JustGiving page and ask family and friends to sponsor you. If chocolate isn’t your vice, why not give up something else?


Endurance Challenge - Get sponsored to do 1000 squats or hold a plank for as long as you can.


Film Club - Pick a film to watch, set a time to meet online to discuss the film and ask for a donation to take part. You could use Netflix Party to watch the film at the same time, or host a book club instead?

Fun run


Games night - Host an evening of games and challenges with friends. Add a bit of extra fundraising into the night by giving penalty fines for being late or talking about work!

Good Deeds – It’s more important than ever to be kind, so why not get sponsored to do a good deed a day.

Garden Party -Show off your blooms and invite guests to a party in your own backyard.

Golf tournament- Putt your way to fundraising success

Give it up!- Together with colleagues, why not forgo your morning coffee for a week and donate what you would have spent? You will be amazed at how the money adds up!


Halloween party – Have a party and scare your friends and families

Head shave - brave the shave for our charity partners.

Hug your boss day - Pay to hug them or they can pay you not to hug them!

Hoola Hoop Marathon - Spin for sponsorship.


International food night


Jazz Night

Jumble Sale

Jewellery Sale


Karaoke - Meet your friends online and use a platform like Watch2Gether to set up your karaoke – it allows you all to watch videos at the same time. Put in your requests, load up the songs on Youtube and get singing!

Keep fit marathon


Lunch and learn - Set up a time for people to meet and learn over lunch. You could invite a guest speaker to talk about a specialist subject or you could share skills such as knitting, cooking or photography.

Land’s End to John O’Groats


My Marathon - This is your marathon, your way. Challenge yourself to run 26.2 miles at your own pace, in a safe space.

Miles at Home - Set yourself a target to complete a certain number of miles or steps in a certain amount of time. You could challenge yourself to do 20,000 steps a day for a month or cycle 5 miles a day for a month.

Murder Mystery Evening


Nearly new sale

New Meeting Venue – rather than going to a café for a meeting, stay in store an give the money you would have spent on coffee and cakes to our charities! You could stand up for the meeting, too, if you are able – quicker and healthier…


Odd job day– Do your neighbours a favour - mow lawns, hang pictures, wash cars etc in return for donations.

Olympics - Challenge your friends to run their own Olympics at home and share videos virtually. Play basketball with a bucket, set up an obstacle course around the house, see how long you can balance a book on your head.


Penny mile – How far can the coppers in your copper jar stretch? Get together and see if you can get your spare change round a local landmark then donate them.

Parachute jump

Party Time - Get dressed to the nines, get your favourite music on, and party food out. Meet with friends and ask for donations. You could host a best dressed or best dance move competition or host a quiz to get the party started.


Quiz night - An easy one to host for an evening of relaxed entertainment, ask family and friends to pay an entry fee and find your quiz questions online.


Readathon – How many books can you get through in a month or two?



Sponsored silence – Shhhhhh!

Sweepstakes– Strictly or Bake Off – turn any competition into a sweepstake amongst friends and colleagues.



Talent show - Get friends, family and colleagues together for a talent show. Ask them to share their talents online and raise money by asking for donations to take part.


Upcycle - Get crafty and start making. Have a look for anything lying about your house, see what you can make and get sponsorship for your donations.

Utterly brilliant ideas of your own! - Do what you love to raise money for our charity partners.


Variety show


Wine & Cheese Night

Who’s that baby quiz

Wear it Blue and Yellow - Get everyone to wear blue and yellow, the colours that represent CHECT and the Macular Society, for the day and get sponsored.


Xmas fair and raffle – it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! Why not set up a fair and raffle and donate the money you raise to our charity partners


Yogathon - If you're a self-confessed yoga bunny, why not run your own yoga class for your colleagues online and ask people to make a donation for taking part


Zumbathon - If you're feeling energetic and want a physical challenge that lots of people can take part in, this is a great way to raise sponsorship together.