The truth behind the headlines on sight loss, “cures” for blindness and research breakthroughs.

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Creating a ‘virtual eye’ with mathematical modelling link arrow

Mathematics can be used to model or represent how the real world works. A group of mathematicians, clinicians, engineers and biologists are now coming together to start looking at creating a model for the eye. They hope this model could describe the functioning of the eye and help us understand what goes wrong in disease.

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Does aspirin increase risk of AMD? link arrow

Looking into the research behind the claims that aspirin increases risk of AMD. Comparing the evidence from different studies.

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Report finds lack of support for sight loss due to diabetes link arrow

Patients with diabetes-related sight loss are being left anxious and uncertain about their future as they are given very little information about their condition, or the support available. A survey, conducted by the Macular Society in 2021 revealed the lack of information provided to those newly diagnosed with diabetic macular oedema (DMO), so patients aren’t sure what their diagno­sis means for their future.

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Report reveals burden of treatment for patients with wet AMD link arrow

In 2020, the Macular Society surveyed its members and supporters with wet AMD to understand their views of living with wet AMD and receiving treatment for their condition. The report aimed to understand the burden of current treatments for wet AMD.