Eyecare professionals are on the front line of the fight against macular disease. Whether you are a health, social care or education professional, we want to do everything we can to help you provide the best possible care and support for people with macular disease. Our dedicated enewsletter is full of timesaving tips and details of our patient services, and our webinars are a great (and free) way to refresh or improve your understanding of macular conditions.

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Help connect your patients to the services they need, from learning the skills to live with sight loss to counselling or getting access to treatment.

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We produce a range of free patient information, which professionals can order to give to their patients and to carers.

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Preparing documents for visually impaired people link arrow

Read guidance on how to prepare documents for visually impaired people. Consider factors such as font, spacing, layout, contrast, and paper quality for your printed materials.

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Learn the impact of good communication on macular disease patients' mental health and sight preservation. Read our guide for better patient care now.

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Sign up to receive regular updates on research breakthroughs and ways we can help make your clinics easier. Hear about events and services we’re planning for you and your patients and receive our quarterly digital publication, Sideview. Let's work together to Beat Macular Disease!

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Watch our educational webinars online. We speak to the experts on food, staying safe at the eye clinic, research and macular conditions. Catch up on any webinars you missed, or watch again in your own time.

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Discover key professional resources to support your eyecare practice. These resources can help make sight loss less frightening for patients, and help you to be there for people facing macular disease today.

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Teaching vision impaired students link arrow

Explore practical tips for teaching vision impaired students from the Macular Society. Aimed to support QTVIs and teaching assistants, learn how to adapt classrooms and lessons for inclusive and accessible learning.