Reduce, recycle, reuse, repair

Many of us want to waste less to save our environment. You can recycle your used printer cartridges or even your old car or motorbike to help Beat Macular Disease.

Empty printer cartridges

Recycle 4 Charity logo

Recycle your used printer cartridges with Recycle4Charity. You can download a pre-paid label (or request it to be sent to you) and find out which cartridges they are able to recycle. On average £1 is donated for each cartridge. Please see their website or phone Recycle4Charity on 01273 400 185.



Please don’t send stamps direct to the Macular Society. Instead, could you please contact Paul Roebuck at, phone 07599 830966, or write to him at Macular Society Stamps, 59 Mitre Copse, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Hants S050 8QE. Paul is also happy to take anything collectible: cigarette or postcards, coins or bank notes etc.

Or, if you have any special stamps, or a special stamp collection, that you would like to have auctioned to benefit our vital work, you could send them to a specialist auction house such as 1818 Auctioneers. Contact or phone 01539 566 201 for more information. Please note that the auction house has asked that bags of stamps from envelopes or kiloware are not to be sent for auction.

Donate your old car or motorbike

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We've joined up with GiveaCar so you can donate your old car,  motorbike, horsebox, bike, caravan or utility vehicle to raise money to Beat Macular Disease. If you prefer to call them, the phone number for GiveaCar is 0207 736 4242.


You could hold a Swishing Party with your friends to reuse your clothes - see Inspiring Fundraising Ideas.

Looking for more fundraising ideas?

Please visit our Fundraising and events page or call 01264 321 964