Losing your central vision can make daily life more challenging. Feel more independent in your home with our practical guides to everyday activities such as preparing meals, personal care, using technology and more.

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Daily living skills link arrow

Advice, hints and tips on managing daily life with macular disease.

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Food and drink link arrow

Useful tips on preparing and cooking food when you have macular disease

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Looking after yourself link arrow

Looking after yourself when you have macular disease can be very challenging. Here are some simple tips that might help overcome some of those challenges.

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Lighting link arrow

If you have poor vision, then good lighting is vital. Many people who think they need low vision aids actually just need better lighting.

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Reading and writing (accessing text) link arrow

It becomes harder to read and write with macular disease. We have hints and tips to help you continue to read and write with central vision loss.

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Using technology link arrow

There are many adaptations to technology to help you navigating the increasingly technology filled world.

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Gardening link arrow

Macular Society members are experts in finding new ways to adapt to life with sight loss – they’re sharing their tips for making gardening easier, safer and more enjoyable.