Proposed ban on pavement parking rejected

Posted: Friday 18 December 2015

A proposed law to ban pavement parking across England and Wales has been rejected by the Government.

Transport Minister Mr Goodwill, the MP for Scarborough and Whitby, said the Government could make no decision in favour of implementing a national ban without further evidence.

The Macular Society has supported a campaign led by Guide Dogs to get the Bill passed in Parliament. Guide Dogs has been working closely with a number of charities to campaign on the issue. 

Pavement parking can result in blind and partially sighted people injuring themselves by walking into a car. It may also force people to walk out into the road, which can mean they are unable to see oncoming traffic. There are concerns some cities and town centres are becoming no-go zones for people who are visually impaired. 

Conservative MP Simon Hoare's Pavement Parking (Protection of Vulnerable Pedestrians) Bill suggested making it a civil offence for a person to park their vehicle on the verge or pavement of an urban road.

Following the discussion in Parliament Mr Goodwill said talks will be scheduled for the New Year between officials, MPs, charities and interested organisations to assess what needs to be done to keep pavements clear to help the blind and other vulnerable people.