Health Talk seeks genomic research participants

Posted: Thursday 16 June 2016

Health Talk, which provides free information about health issues by sharing people's real-life experiences, is looking to talk to people who have been invited to take part in the Genome 100,000 Project. 

The 100,000 Genome project was announced by the Prime Minister in 2012 in a bid to transform diagnosis and treatment for patients with cancer and rare diseases.

The project aims to sequence the genetic codes of people with cancer and rare genetic diseases. Researchers will then be able to compare the data with that of healthy tissue to identify the mutations and potentially develop new treatments. 

If you have been approached to take part in the project, including if you have declined, Health Talk would like to hear from you. They are interested in interviewing people about their experiences and/or thoughts about genomic research. If you would be happy to be interviewed and have your comments featured on (in video, audio or written only format), please contact Sara Ryan at