Help AMD research

Posted: Wednesday 23 November 2016

Have you been diagnosed with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? You may be able to help with two research studies.

Dark adaptation

Researchers at City University London are inviting people with dry AMD to take part in a study investigating the way the eyes adjust when we move from a light to a dark environment. This process is called ‘dark adaptation’ and has been shown to take longer in people with AMD. 

A clinical test is already being used at some eye hospitals to measure the speed of dark adaptation in order to help with the diagnosis of AMD. 

Researchers and clinicians are now working together to see whether the speed of dark adaptation may also be a useful test for monitoring how AMD is progressing in people who already have the condition. For example, to see how people are responding to treatment). Volunteers are invited to come to London for up to 2 hours on two occasions (travel expenses will be covered) to perform some simple measurements of dark adaptation. If you think you may be interested and would like more information, please contact Laura Edwards by telephone on 0207 040 3226, or e-mail  


Researchers at City University London are also conducting a study looking at how vision changes over time in people with dry AMD by examining the function of the retina. This is done using an electroretinogram. The electroretinogram is a technique which records electrical signals produced by the eyes in response to flashing lights. Volunteers will need to visit London three times over the course of one year and will be paid £20 to cover travel expenses to and from London for each visit. If you would like to participate, please telephone Angharad Hobby on 0207 040 3226 for more information.