No need to fear injections

Posted: Thursday 06 April 2017

When Hazel Higgerson was told she would need an injection to treat her wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) she was petrified.

But her anxieties soon eased after her first injection when she realised it was not as scary as it had first seemed. Since then Hazel has been helping others who have been worried about their injections to overcome their fears.

Hazel, aged 81, said: “I was absolutely petrified. I don’t like anyone messing about with my eyes.

“I live on my own and thought I was going to go blind. No one understood. When I told people about the injections all they could say was ‘I couldn’t have that done’.”

She added: “There was nothing to worry about at all. It is just the thought of it which is the worst bit. You don’t have to think too deeply, the thought of a needle going into your eye is worrying. “I tell people if they want their sight then they have to do the best thing for it and have the injection.”

The full story appears in our spring Sideview magazine