Have you experienced visual hallucinations?

Posted: Thursday 06 July 2017

We’re launching a campaign later this year to help raise awareness of visual hallucinations, known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and encourage people to talk more about their experiences. Up to half of all people with macular degeneration are thought to experience Charles Bonnet hallucinations at some time and many worry unnecessarily that there is something wrong with their mind. Charles Bonnet hallucinations can be simple unformed flashes of light, colours or shapes. However, many people see geometrical grids and lattices. Other people also report seeing landscaped gardens or vistas, animals, people or other vivid images.

The Macular Society is always keen to highlight the fact that the hallucinations are a natural experience and not a sign of mental illness. As part of our campaign we are looking for people to talk openly about their hallucinations to help us raise awareness. If you have experienced, or still do experience Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and would be willing to talk to us please email Felicity Crump felicity.crump@macularsociety.org.