Tips for VIPs: Children and animals

Posted: Monday 08 October 2018

In our summer edition of Sideview you shared your advice on staying safe and secure at home and when travelling. In our autumn issue we've looked at ways to make caring for children and pets easier when you are visually impaired.

Out and about

Attach a bell to dog or cat collars (or the back of a child’s top) so you can hear where they are.

A luminous yellow flexi lead means I can see which way my dog is trying to chase a pigeon in the park.

Dress small children in bright colours to make them easier to spot and make sure any spare clothes are the same colour.

Fun and games

Access2Books produce giant-print children’s books complete with the original illustrations. Their online shop is now closed but there’s a list of libraries where you can find copies.

Many classic board games and card games come in a large-print version