Claims for "perfect eyesight” tablets cannot be repeated

Posted: Thursday 13 September 2018

A company which claimed that its tablets could cure age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataracts and glaucoma has been told not to repeat these claims by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Promotional material for tablets called "Vision Duo", marketed by Health Solutions Ltd, included claims such as:

• “Your eyesight will improve immediately: both near and far sight become more accurate”

• “You’ll get back your independence – be able to drive again in safety”

• “Just one month to heal your sight. Stops age-related degeneration. Eliminates black spots that block your view”

• “Surgery can have serious consequences. […] Vision Duo is 100% natural and avoids surgery by acting directly on the cells!”

We were concerned that these claims could lead people to waste money on unproven treatments, stop existing treatments that could preserve their sight, and even drive with dangerously reduced vision.

Two complaints, including one from the Macular Society, prompted the ASA to investigate. It concluded: "Health Solutions Ltd have stated that they will be using the CAP Copy Advice service to approve the wording of any future claims they will be making about Vision Duo and in the meantime will not be promoting the product. We have advised that they do not repeat any of the health claims used in the leaflet in their future advertising."

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