Government considers new sight test for drivers over 70

Posted: Wednesday 24 July 2019

A new report highlights the Government’s commitment to consider mandatory eyesight tests for older drivers. 

The Road Safety Statement 2019, released by the Department for Transport, addresses a host of road safety issues including medical fitness to drive. It highlights the importance of good eyesight for road safety, pledging a research programme and literature review, in partnership with the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency, to assess poor vision as a UK safety problem.

The report also says the Government will consider the case for a new vision test for drivers over the age of 70, and then at three-year intervals when they renew their licence.

The Association of Optometrists (AOP) has welcomed the news. The AOP is a strong advocate for change to the current eyesight requirements for motorists. Its Don’t swerve a sight test campaign calls for a change to the law