“Through my volunteering I came to terms with my own condition"

Posted: Tuesday 04 June 2019

Our services rely on the generous support and time of volunteers. We are so grateful to everyone who donates their time to help us to reach more people affected by macular disease.

Sabina was diagnosed with juvenile macular degeneration in her mid-30s. At the time she said she felt disillusioned, uninformed and fearful of the future. She knew she had to address the emotions she was going through, so she took it upon herself to learn more about her condition and understand what it really meant.

In doing so, she found the Macular Society and soon found herself helping out at her local working age support group.

She said: “Attending my first meeting was a real milestone in my journey. I met others with the condition and for the first time felt at ease with my diagnosis.”

But the turning point for Sabina was when she started helping out at the group. She learnt new skills and gained the confidence to take on new roles, including becoming a gadget guide volunteer and a befriender.

She added: “Through my volunteering I came to terms with my own condition, met many amazing people, gained many transferable skills and had a great time.”

She also credits her volunteer roles for giving her the confidence to look for a job. She now works as a health hub support officer for the Friends of Moorfields, providing information and support to patients with eye conditions. “I am now living the future that I was fearful and disillusioned about and it’s not as bad as I had imagined it,” she said.