Dispensing optician offers advice during coronavirus crisis

Posted: Tuesday 07 April 2020

Emma Woodhouse is a dispensing optician at Specsavers and has offered her support and advice to visually impaired people, to address some of the challenges facing them at this difficult time. 

She said: "During these uncertain times and periods of isolation it is important to have a plan to keep motivated, healthy and connected. Keeping a plan and ordered structure to your day gives a solid foundation to work with.

"Plan your meal times and make sure that you eat healthy and nourishing food. Build in time in your day for your work if working from home, social contact via phone calls, the internet or maybe even chatting over the garden fence at a safe distance.

"Exercise and mindfulness or meditation helps to provide down time and escape from the current situation as do our hobbies and past times. Always take any prescribed medications or drops too to ensure your health is good."

To help overcome some of day to day challenges being faced by visually impaired people, Emma has answered some of the most commonly asked questions: 

What do we do if we need help?

If it is help with shopping or care in the home, or even a chat, there are plenty of social outreach groups set up that you can access. Details are on Facebook, or via the government website and local councils. The national volunteer service website will provide contact details of groups that can help you with critical tasks. 

What if I need help reading important mail or making decisions on small tasks I am struggling to see clearly?

If you have a smart phone there is an app you can download called Be My Eyes.  Using this you can call up someone anywhere in the world and ask them to assist. For example