Health ministers respond to concerns about urgent eye treatment

Posted: Wednesday 29 April 2020

We have received encouraging responses from health ministers following our correspondence to ensure sight-saving injections continue to be a priority during the coronavirus crisis.

Responses from Scottish and Welsh health ministers have reitterated that patients with sight-threatening conditions, such as macular disease, continue to receive necessary treatments where possible. They have also provided reassurances that the safety of patients and staff remains a priority, with measures in place to ensure patients are well and symptom free before attending their clinics. 

In addition both governments have confirmed patients struggling with transport to their injections can continue to use the hospital ambulance services. The reassurance follows concerns raised by the Society that hospital transport services were only being prioritised for oncology and dialysis patients. 

Earlier this month we wrote to health ministers and NHS chiefs in the UK to ensure sight-saving injections continued to be a priority during the current crisis