New service launched to answer your tech questions

Posted: Thursday 16 April 2020

We have launched a new ‘Pop-up’ Connect by Tech service, which will see one-on-one telephone support helping visually impaired people to make the most of things like tablets and smartspeaker, while the UK is currently in lockdown.

The Macular Society’s network of volunteers will be on hand to answer a whole range of challenges, which could include anything from ‘How can I get Alexa to find my favourite music?’ to ‘I want to surprise my daughter with a video call on her birthday’.  They can also help with using other useful web-based services, such as online shopping, reading recipes and listening to audiobooks.

Sarah Oakley, head of programmes for the Macular Society, said: “Lots of people use a phone or tablet, but they might not be aware of all the different things they can do to make life easier and more entertaining. Our volunteers will help them find the best way to solve their challenges. We know people with macular disease often experience feelings of loneliness and isolation and those feelings are only going to be heightened at the moment. Using technology not only helps people stay connected, but it can build the confidence to be more independent.”

For more information about Connect by Tech, please contact the Macular Society’s Advice and Information Service on 0300 3030 111, email or