'Exercise has really been what has kept me going.'

Posted: Monday 27 July 2020

Many active gym members have struggled to stay fit during lockdown, but 72-year-old Terry Jackson has been making extra efforts to keep active from the comfort of his home office.

Terry, who was diagnosed with dry AMD at the age of 70, has always been passionate about sport, including playing and refereeing football. And, before experiencing problems with his knees he was a keen runner – running the London Marathon twice.

When lockdown was announced in March he was initially worried about how he was going to remain active. He said: “I have always been an active person and exercise has really been what has kept me going.”

So, Terry decided to use the utility space in his home, which had been converted into a library/office by the previous owners, to continue his regular workouts.

As the space is only three metres long, he had to be a bit creative in order to work up a sweat.

He said: “As the room is only three metres long it is not possible to get a good sweat on by just jogging, so like Baldrick I had a cunning plan. I put some up beat CDs on: The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, 10cc and I hop up and down raising my knees and pumping my arms.”

He added: “I have the blinds down in case the neighbours think I have gone mad! For a change I can even work out to Beethoven symphonies. The Eroica symphony (no3) has a brilliant final movement for really going for it.”

Terry and his wife Ann have also used the lockdown to go on local walks and he has set up quizzes for the National Trust at Lyme Park for their volunteer magazine, where he drives a minibus.

Ever since his diagnosis prior to the lockdown, Terry has managed to attend the local Macular Society group in Stockport and plans to continue to do so when face-to-face group meetings resume again. 

Due to the coronavirus the Macular Society's face-to-face group meetings have been suspended, but they are still meeting virtually on a regular basis. Find out more about our local support groups