Companies prioritising people with sight loss

Posted: Wednesday 06 May 2020

During these unprecedented times, where things seem so different and often difficult to navigate, it’s really nice to know that some larger companies are putting the interests of people with sight loss at the core of their latest policies.

With people really starting to feel the impact of being isolated and restricted, it has been reassuring to see some companies recognising this.

Amanda Read, who has Stargardt, is one of the Macular Society's regional managers. She has recently come across a few companies prioritising those living with sight loss and wanted to share her experiences. 

Below are just a few of her examples:


I recently discovered that Tesco was one of the first supermarkets to add people who are severely sight impaired, to their list of customers who can access priority delivery slots online. As someone with sight loss, a trip to the supermarket can be fraught with difficulty, as my face has to be so close to products to use a magnifier to read a label, and I really can’t judge how far I am away from other shoppers in order to obey the guidance. Being able to book a slot online really has taken a huge stress away from me.


I have heard others who are using the Morrison’s Help Hub, which is available for older customers, to ring and place an order over the phone, which is something Sainsbury’s have started to introduce as well.


In a time where we are all so isolated, communication is absolutely vital. Not only do I need the internet for my work, but it is imperative to me to be able to stay in touch with my family, who live nearly 200 miles from me. Whilst I am in the process of moving house (tricky enough during lockdown), I will have no internet for six weeks, as it’s not safe for engineers to enter customer’s houses. I received a call from BT the other day to say that, as someone who is classed as a vulnerable customer, I can receive a 4G mini hub, to provide me with internet access until an engineer can visit, keeping me connected with everything I need online.


EE has also added me to their list of vulnerable customers, offering me unlimited data during the current crisis, so I can stay connected.

As someone with sight loss, I rely on technology a great deal to help me in my daily life, so I am very grateful for this extra support.

It’s great to know there is so much support out there at such a difficult time.