Researchers to discuss early onset AMD and why it occurs

Posted: Friday 09 July 2021
Rachel Taylor researcher portrait

Researchers working on a project to develop a test to identify the genetic causes of early onset age-related macular degeneration (EOMD) will join us at our condition-specific Virtual Clinic this month.

Early onset macular degeneration (EOMD) progresses similarly to AMD, although it tends to affect people at a younger age.

However, compared to AMD, much less is known about the condition and possible effective treatments.

Dr Rachel Taylor from the University of Manchester will join us on Thursday 29 July to discuss a project which has been investigating why early onset AMD occurs.

Rachel will discuss how her team are developing an advanced DNA sequencing test to identify the genetic causes the condition and explain how studying stem cells from patients with certain gene mutations is helping them to understand the condition better.

By better understanding EOMD this might also help us learn more about AMD, due to the similarities in the conditions.

When a patient is given a diagnosis on EOMD it can be referred to in many different ways. This includes: dominant drusen, familial drusen, cuticular drusen, macular drusen, Stargardts-like maculopathy, late-onset macular dystrophy, bestrophin-like maculopathy.

The condition-specific Virtual Clinic on Early onset AMD will take place at 6.30pm.

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