“It's really important leaders have close connections with the people they support”

Posted: Thursday 30 May 2024
A head and shoulders shot of Ed Holloway, a white man with dark/grey hair smiling to camera, wearing a dark grey suit jacket and white open necked shirt

The Macular Society is pleased to announce the appointment of its new chief executive.

Ed Holloway will join the Society in July and brings with him a wealth of experience in the charity sector. Ed served as chief executive of the Bank Workers Society for two years and spent 14 years at the MS Society, where he led the transformation of their services to the MS community.

"The Macular Society is an inspiring organisation serving a vital cause,” he said. “I look forward to using my experience in the sector to lead the organisation as it continues its essential work.”

Reflecting on the importance of his new role, Ed said: "It is such an important cause. With nearly 1.5m people affected in the UK we urgently need to see more progress in research and for macular disease to be given the priority it deserves."

In his previous role at the MS Society, Ed worked closely with thousands of volunteers and the wider MS community, and understands the importance of maintaining close connections across the organisation.

He said: “At the MS Society I worked with over 3,000 volunteers across the UK, and our wider membership. It's really important to me that leaders have close connections with the people our organisations support. I want to get out and about to meet as many people as I can and hear their perspective and their experience of living with macular disease. I look forward to working closely with people living with macular disease, to understand what is important to the community and ensure we continue to meet their needs.”

Reflecting on his approach to leading the Macular Society, Ed highlighted the strong position of the charity and its excellent culture.

He said: “It’s been inspiring to understand more about the Macular Society’s strategy and it’s really strong culture and values.

"The organisation's clearly in a great position, and I hope I can build on its successes and help to make progress towards Beating Macular Disease.”

Ed succeeds Cathy Yelf, who became chief executive of the organisation in 2015, and is retiring in July.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Cathy Yelf for her years of dedicated service. Cathy said: “I am delighted Ed is joining the Society and I know it will continue to thrive and flourish under his leadership.”

As we welcome Ed, we are excited about the future and the continued growth and impact of the Macular Society.

For more information about the Society's support services call our helpline on 0300 3030 111 or email help@macularsociety.org 

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