Action Against AMD (AAAMD) is a partner of INSIGHT, one of seven ‘digital hubs’ funded by the government through Health Data Research UK, to create a UK-wide system for the safe and responsible use of health-related data on a large scale. The HDR Hub for Eye Health partnership includes experts from a range of backgrounds, including academia and pharmaceutical companies.

INSIGHT will take data from routine eye scans within the NHS and anonymise it for use in research. This information will then be used by experts in different areas of eye health, who will use artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to analyse it.

It is hoped that this work will develop a better understanding of many conditions including macular disease, speed up the development of new treatments and improve services that people receive.

For more information on INSIGHT, you can go to their website:

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Beating macular disease through funding medical research and improving the lives of those living with macular disease.

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Patients have a very important part to play in medical research. Without them we would not have the treatments we have today and new and improved treatments would not be possible.

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The latest developments in the search for better treatments and a cure for macular disease.

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The truth behind the headlines on sight loss, “cures” for blindness and research breakthroughs.